HBA Awards and a little Clickschooling

Homeschool Blog Awards (proudly bringing you homeschool’s finest bloggers) is now in voting mode for the Awards.  Head over to HBA and see who is nominated for what and cast your vote.  You can check out what the blogs are by clicking on the blog names.  I have found several really cool blogs while voting.  Two of my fav daily reads (Grace for Gayle and Life In A Shoe) are both up for awards.  Check them out, too!

Onto the clickschooling!  Yes, I know.  You have been waiting with baited breath.  Right?  LOL

30 Days of Poetry– are you trying to teach your children about poetry.  Head over to The English Room!  This is geared toward middle school and high school students.

Field trips on your mind but no time to get out of the house?  How about taking a virtual field trip aboard The Mary Rose Warship?  Click here to start your field trip!  This is geared for children ages 7-11 but are great for older students and adults as well.    Here is a little description:  this website is
a virtual exhibit of the “Mary Rose,” a 16th century warship that was King
Henry VIII’s favorite. After a long and successful military career, it sank
during an engagement with the French fleet in 1545. Nautical archaeologists
raised it in the 1980’s. Now part of an exhibit at a museum in
, the “Mary Rose” is the only 16th century warship on display in the

Now for a great site that helps to teach your children geography with interactive maps.  How cool is that!?!   This site is fun for any age.  🙂   Head over to Your Child Learns.

Hope you enjoy these sites as much as we do!!

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