Tackle it Tuesday


I don’t have pictures for today’s tackle. Sorry, but all you would see is a stack of tubs and that is just not necessary for this tackle. 

Today’s oh-so-necessary and much needed tackle was Mr. Muscles’ (dh) clothes.  Yep, I did it!!  

I went through all of his summer clothes one by one and made him decide whether to keep it or get rid of it.  Then, I got out all of his winter clothing and did the same thing. 

I got all the summer stuff folded and packed into tubs and finally I got all of his winter stuff hung up in the closet or folded and put away in the dresser. 

I even arranged his clothing in the closet into 3 catagories.  They are:  work, around the house and nice (somewhat dressy to dressy).  Woo Hoo!!!!  It was a struggle to get him to make decisions but I persevered until he understood that I was not going away. 

Tomorrow, my clothes.  I am so looking forward to purging! 

How did your tackle go today?  Need some inspiration?  Head over to 5 Min for Mom and get inspired by other Tackle it Tuesday bloggers!

All for His glory,


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3 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. I brought down a big box of my dh’s clothes from the attic, so maybe he’ll go through it!
    Glad you got so much done. I plan to drop off lots of boxes at the thrift store on Thursday.

  2. yes I know at times we all need to purge. Hope I spelled it right.

  3. Gosh! It has been awhile since I have commented on your blog. My apologies:(
    I think I have caught up now. I don’t think I ever realized that you had 6 children. What a blessing!! I would love to have another (4th) and a (5th). But before the (4th) happens, my husband needs to be home more. He works 80-85 hours a week. I just can’t handle anymore by myself..with homeschooling (only the 10 year old) and working from home (with Avon).
    Send prayers my way..I would love to have more babies. Our baby is almost 16 months now..they grow up so fast!
    Hugs from Tennessee

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