Meandering and Menu Monday

monday meandering 

I can’t believe a new week is upon us already.  Last week I was in Festival mode for Ms. Firecracker’s gymnastics so this week it is now time to refocus.  Thank goodness!!!

Bible Study/ Devotions

   ~Daily Bible reading

   ~Continue with my prayer list

   ~I am working on a Jewish holiday study.  We, as Christians, were grafted into the vine of God’s people and they are our holidays as well.  I want to learn more about the feasts and holidays that celebrate God and His miracles.

Must do- (not need to but must do)

   ~get out my outside Christmas decorations.  I have to go through everything and just clean out what we don’t use.  As I unpack them to put them up I will just put aside what we will not be keeping.   We have ourChristmas tree up and decorated.  I even went through a tub of lights and trashed quite a few that didn’t work.

   ~address and mail off Christmas cards 

   ~get fundraising collections to the representative.

   ~catch up on the laundry.

   ~make a batch of laundry detergent.

   ~finish going through Mr. Muscles’ and my winter clothing. 

   ~replace the weather stripping on the side door.

   ~rake and bag leaves for mulch and compost


   ~my zone for this week is my bedroom.  I can’t even see the top of my dresser and there are several tubs that need to be labeled and taken out to the upper shed for storage.  This is a repeat from last week.  Unfortunately the Festival just took up so much more time than I anticipated. 

Train Them Up

    ~We have adopted a local 2nd grade class at a government school for Christmas.  We are still working on getting everything together to fill the box with classroom goodies for the students to use during school.  The kids are giving a lot of thought and prayer to this.

   ~We are working on an Advent study.

   ~We are also continuing with our daily devotions and study.

For more Monday Meandering head over to Tiany’s.  She is always inspiring as are the people who join in!

Have a very safe and blessed week!


Here is my meny for the week:

Turkey Noodle Bake w/ the last of the birthday cake for desert.

Roast w/ sweet potato casserole and green beans

Homemade sloppy joes and roasted potatoes

Beef stew (trying a new crockpot recipe)

Chicken w/ cream sauce, corn, black eyed peas and pineapple slices

Pasta bake w/ parmesan garlic bread

For more yummy dinner ideas head over to Organizing Junkie.


Alright!!  You made it all the way to the bottom of this post!  Go reward yourself by entering my Christmas Giveaway and my Baby’s First Christmas Giveaway.  🙂


3 responses to “Meandering and Menu Monday

  1. I was wondering, do you had any more blogs?

  2. I think it is so sweet that you have adopted a school, good luck with your project. Have a wonderful time with your Christmas decorating this week. Hope you have a blessed week.

  3. Hey girlie… email me at
    I want to add you to my Christmas card mailing list so I need your addy!

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