Menu Monday


I just want to start my menu out by saying have a safe and blessed Thanskgiving! 

Now onto the business of food.  We will be spending Thanksgiving with our families so there is minimal cooking for me and most meals will be spent away from home.  I will be providing some cranberry bread, sweet potato casserole (with melted marshmellows, of course), hubby’s homemade cheesecake topped with blueberries and corn on the cob. 

For the other dinner we will be eating here we will have:

Turkey Noodle Bake w/ roasted herb potatoes.  (in the recipe I replace the powdered milk and water w/ real milk)

Baked chicken (not sure what spices I will use yet) w/ peas, asaparagus and hominy.

For more menus and yummy ideas head over to Organizing Junkie.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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5 responses to “Menu Monday

  1. it all sounds great;)have a great week.

  2. yum to the turkey noodle bake…and everything!! Have a joyous Thanksgiving!!

  3. turkey noodle bake sounds like a great way to use up those leftovers!

  4. Hmm…hominy. Never use that in my cooking. I’ll have to look in to it!
    Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you!

  5. Thanks for visiting and the sweet comments. I love my visit here, I will come again. Have a blessed Thanksgiving

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