Say, Apples!

It is apple harvesting time here in the deep south and I am taking advantage of it.  🙂  

Here is what I have been doing with them.

Here is my dehydrator full of Stamen Winesap apples.  They are very delicious and are great for baking or eating.

Here is my apple/ corer/ peeler in action.


and here is what they look like when they are fully dry and canned.

I am working on my 6th quart jar of them.  There are roughly 9 medium apples per jar.  If you include the apples I have drying right now I have 1 bushel dried.  I plan on picking up a couple more bushels and drying them but I want to get different varieties.   Once they are dried all you have to do is put them in a jar with a fresh lid and ring.  Tighten it down and then retighten about an hour later.  When you open them to remove some apples just make sure you tighten the lid back down well.

They are delicious to snack on dried (apple chips).  You can dunk them in carmel or just eat them plain.  They can be very filling so only eat about a handful until you know how much they will fill you up.  We also use them in pies and other baking.  As they cook the rehydrate and make a wonderful thick juice in turn overs, pies, cakes and any other yummy recipe you have. 

I was also able to render some tallow and now I have to go shave a leg of lamb for the gyros we will be having sometime this week.  🙂

PS- These also make a great Christmas gift for someone.  Just tie a pretty bow around them and a handmade label.   This idea goes along perfectly with my Christmas- Made With Love, Part 1 post.


9 responses to “Say, Apples!

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  2. So, how do you “render some tallow”, and what are gyros? Way to go with the apples!

  3. That’s a lot of work but must be so worth it. Dunked in caramel sounds divine.

    (Love your name!)

  4. You totally rock- I can’t believe that in addition to raising your 6 kids and homeschooling you have time to can apples! There are days when I can’t even make dinner and I only have 3 and don’t homeschool :). I gave you an award today come over and check it out.

  5. I LOVE dried apples. We weren’t able to get our hands on any this year that would be good for drying. Maybe I’ll have to look harder, those look fabulous.

  6. I am craving some dried apple chips now with caramel. I will have to try that next year….never dried them. Make applesauce, but the kids wiped out my apples fast this year, so no applesauce.
    Maybe next year the trees in the yard will produce….we just moved so I need to work on gardening and all that…thinking of all of the learning we will be doing next spring, summer, and fall.
    I agree great gift idea.

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  8. Sister Michelle

    Where can I purchase stemen winesap apples. I want to get a bushel as a gift for someone who has not had them in 30 years
    Thank you
    Sister Michelle

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