The Root Of It

Woo Hoo!  This was our first year in this house and so our garden this year was a “first year garden”.  We were able to harvest food to eat this summer but not enough to do canning. 

Today we dug potatoes.  The kids were so thrilled and in awe the whole time. 

 We dug up enough sweet potatoes for a meal and enough Yukon Gold potatoes for 2 dinners.  The older children have been helping in the garden for a couple years but for several of the little ones this was the first. 

To see them just giddy as they were digging through dirt searching for potatoes and yelling “I found one!” was just as cool as harvesting food out of your own garden for dinner. 

Another wonderful blessing from God!  🙂

Something about harvesting in the garden has already got me planning next year’s garden.  I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt!  I am seriously considering making a cold frame and growing so veggies this winter.  I am in the deep south.  🙂


2 responses to “The Root Of It

  1. That sounds like great fun and a wonderful learning experience! I wish we could garden here, but we have a backyard filled with sand!

  2. Sounds great!
    We have been getting peppers up until right now… the frost knocked what was left of them out!
    We had potatoes planted early but that late cold snap this spring knocked them out…
    Maybe next year!!
    Have a great day and enjoy your taters!!! 🙂

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