Menu Monday

Here is our spread for the week!  🙂

Roast w/ sweet potato casserole and green beans (this moved from last week.  We spent the weekend in AL and I did not fix this meal)

Meatloaf w/ stuffed eggs and coleslaw.  I use ground turkey, oatmeal, onions, bell pepper, tomato sauce and a little garlic.  Yum!!

BBQ Chicken Stew

Breakfast including sausage, eggs and toast w/ homemade pear butter

Steak w/ baked potato and greens

Wednesday night will be spent at church and Saturday night is our family night out.   Saturday night is my personal favorite!  LOL 🙂

What are you eating this week?   For more menus, ideas and recipes head over to Organizing Junkie.


3 responses to “Menu Monday

  1. Hey! We are having Steak and Baked Potato for supper Saturday too! 🙂
    We are picking up our Angel Food Ministry box of steaks so we are excited to get to eat steak… it has been a LONG time! 🙂
    Have a great day!!!

  2. I’d love to know what stuffed eggs are. Your menu sounds great!

    Edited by Rhen:
    Stuffed eggs are hard boiled, peeled and filled with a creamy yolk middle.
    Boil them and allow the to cool.
    Cut them in half and take out the yolk.
    Put all the yolks in a bowl with several spoonfuls of mayo and a little squirt of mustard. Mix it thoroughly until it is creamy and the consistency of whip cream.
    I then put the mixture into a sandwich bag and cut off one of the ends of the bag. Then I squeeze the mixture into each half of the eggs. You can top it all off by sprinkling Paprika on each one for a little zest and presentation.
    They are very yummy and fun. This is easily something kids can help with at dinner time.

  3. Oh, okay. Thanks. We always called these deviled eggs. That’s why I was confused…I thought you’d invented some kind of new scrambled egg dish! 😀

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