Drowning under a mountain of clothing.

6 loads of laundry today.  6 honkin’ loads!! 

The kids and I have been working for the past two days getting all of their winter clothes out and packing up their summer stuff.  I have almost all of them done. 

Ms. Suesue’s, Ms. Banana’s and Ms. Independent’s clothing are all washed, dried, the winter stuff hung up and the summer stuff packed.  Short Man is also done.  I have to get another tub for his clothes.  All I have to finish is Ms. Firecracker and Ms. Serious. 

I am not even going to think about the tubs of mine and Mr. Muscles’ clothes to go through.  That is another day and another battle!  LOL



5 responses to “Drowning under a mountain of clothing.

  1. I’ve been avoiding this task for a few weeks now. But the time has come. Somehow winter coats and boots with shorts seems wrong!

  2. We are so lucky in SA because we have domestic help and I constantly don’t know how you US gals cope with big families and homes to clean. Much more hard working than us! My American friend living here has 6 kids and has loved the help but goes back next year after a 5 year stint in SA. She says she has forgotten how to clean!

  3. You only have to do 6 loads with a family your size! I did 8 loads between yesterday and today and we only have a family of 4!! Somethings not right. My family messes up too many clothes!

  4. Oh do I ever hear ya on this one!

  5. One more reason to be thankful I live in sunny CA–no switchout between Summer and Winter clothing!

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