Another Recall!

There have been so many recalls for toys made in China that my head is absolutely spinning!  It is so sad.  We are steadily going through all of our toys here and getting rid of the ones made in China.  Yes, there are a lot.  We are also being very careful about what we buy for Christmas as well.  It has not been easy but that is ok.  My children are far too important for us not to pay the extra attention that is needed.

Here is an article about what happened to a little boy here in the US swallowed some of the aqua dots and why they are being recalled. 

Here is a just a little more interesting reading.

Want to Buy American-Made Toys?  Good Luck!

Recalled Toy List

Avoiding Unsafe Toys


5 responses to “Another Recall!

  1. My exact words when all these recalls started were “See this is what happens when companies get cheap and send all the labor jobs overseas…” I’m very sad…

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  3. We have found a great place to get toys for our kids. It’s a local business, which is great for us. We got a fantastic wooden marble run for our son, and he loves it.

  4. Hey, I know EXACTLY what you mean… it is CRAZY!
    Makes you really stop and look at EVERYTHING that you buy!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I’m right there with you. I am a tower of flames about all these recalls on Chinese manufactured products. It incensed me to the point that I am now boycotting all toys made in China and have asked my family members to only purchase toys for my children from the list I put together at

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