Say what?

Do you ever have so much that you want to blog about but you just don’t. 

It happens to me a lot.

I go to bed and I have to keep myself from getting up to write what I am thinking about.  I tell myself that I can just do it tomorrow but tomorrow gets here and I can’t remember the world-changing stuff I had been thinking about the night before.


Then there are many things that happen in our lives I would like to share but then I start to overthink it all.  I cannot write like Antique Mommy or Boomama or Toddled Dredge so why bother?  Bad thoughts, bad thoughts!  We can’t all be witty and able to turn every day moments into writing brilliance can we?  

Other times I just run out of time and then never get to it.  This is the most aggravating.  Flat out.  😦  See?  Me, unhappy about it. 

Ah well.  How about I do something like this.

Went to Kmart and Michaels today.  The kids and I worked on purchasing items for our Operation Christmas Child boxes.  I got shirts for the boxes on clearance for .59 cents.  Oh yeah, baby!!  At Michaels I purchased our family Christmas ornaments for this year.  Each year each member of our family gets an ornament.   This year we all chose an ornament that has a ball shape but they are all different with different colors.  I spend too much money there.  I also went grocery shopping.  I shop for two weeks at a time so I have two very full buggies.  I field immensely smart questions like “Are they all yours?”, “Is he the only boy?’, “Do you always buy so many groceries?” and are you going to have any more?”.   Let us not forget the wonderfully witty comments like “You sure have your hands full”, “That is a lot of groceries”, “Bet you do a lot of running after kids” and my favorite “I just couldn’t handle that many kids”.  Bite me.  Oops.  That is not very Christ like is it?  I am running a little low today so how about- bite me, please. 

My day ended rather well though.  Mr. Muscles (dh) and I tossed a football around for a while.  The kids joined us and it was just fun.  We even built a fire in the fireplace and roasted marshmellows.   Mmmmm.  I love burnt marshmellows! 

Mr. Muscles also brought home a present for me.  It is an almost new, 4 drawer filing cabinet.   Woo Hoo!!  The one we have is rather old and difficult.  I will trade them out sometime soon.  I will use the older one to hold my homeschooling materials for future use. 

Ok, I am off for now.  A baby is fussing at me and I need to feed her.  Thank goodness I have the superpowers to produce milk.  Just call me Jersey!  Until later my friends.  Good night and God bless!


One response to “Say what?

  1. Don’t forget, “boy, you sure are busy”. Nope, I just sit around all day just like the moms who ony have one kid. 😉

    I actually have a t-shirt that says, “I make milk, what’s your superpower?” Love it! Speaking of making milk, the baby is fussing. No more denial for me.

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