Monday Meanderings

monday meandering

Last week was so crazy that I did not get to my Monday Meanderings but I still got a lot done.  Here is what is on the “table” for this week.

First a little introduction.  Monday Meanderings is a way to use your blog to keep yourself accountable for the week ahead. I tend to to be more diligent if I’m sticking it out here for all to see.  Simply pick 5 things each week that will better help you to tackle the week ahead.  Click here to read an explanation of the guidelines.

Bible Study/Devotions ~  

*prayer journal

*Romans study with Mr. Muscles (dh)

*continue with daily reading

 Must Do ~

*work on getting pictures seperated and put into boxes and albums

*sort and repack linens from box to tubs and put in the upper shed

*get out winter clothes

*clean out and organize my closet.  (This is my Tackle it Tuesday project)

*Homeschooling meeting to make decorations for library tree

*Grocery shopping for 2 weeks

 Zone ~

*As mentioned above -my and Mr. Muscles’ (dh) closet

Train Them Up ~ 

*Continue with daily devotions and verse writing

*Christmas Child boxes

*we are looking to “adopt” a class from a local government school and give the whole class a Christmas gift.  We have found the class and now we are working on the gift part.  The kids and I will be praying about it and planning.

 Menu Planning ~

*I have already planned my menu for the week- right here.   I love menu planning.  It could be because I love food but maybe it is my love of saving money or my love of having a list or maybe………………………. )

For more Monday Meanderings head over to Tiany’s!


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