Dress Up Time!

Life’s Little Moments was describing her girls dressing up and it made me think of the several times a week when our girls do. 

We, too, have wood floors and while I prefer them by the ton over carpeting they do seem to magnify sound. 

 Here is a little look into dress up time. 

I have 4 girls who are dressed in their princess dresses, tiaras and princess shoes running around clunking and scraping and clicking all over our wood floors.  How it sounds depends on the child.  Our 2 year old isn’t as loud but she walks twice as fast so there are a lot of clickities in a row.  Our oldest is 10 and she stomps so while there are less steps she makes up for it with gusto.  The two middle girls are usually sliding all over the place (click, clack, scrape then a loud thump as they slide sideways into the wall) as they all run screaming trying to get away from their brother “Batman” who is swooping in. 

The baby watches them with great fascination as I bang my head against the wall.  🙂

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


10 responses to “Dress Up Time!

  1. Loved your comment on TC’s site about the Bratz dolls. Your description was “right on.” Many of the girls at my school have them, or the backpacks, or the lunchbox, etc. and I’ve been trying to figure out for the longest time what they remind me of. Thanks for solving my dilemma! Ha ha!

  2. LOL!!! I love the clickity clicks that dress up shoes make…sounds like a lot of fun at your house!!!

  3. We are past the dress up stage, unless it is Halloween but my 3 make various noises through the day that can make me want to bang my head against the wall.

  4. Don’t you just love it! What would the world do without little Batmans to make the girls giggle and scream?

  5. You are one lucky Mama! What did u say about the Bratz dolls? I hate them with a passion!

    Edited by Rhen: I said they look like hookers, and they do!! 🙂

  6. When my 2 girls get the dress-up box out, I know we’re in for quite a show! And when it’s over, there’s such a huge pile of clothes in the middle of the floor, it takes a bull dozer to clean it up! But every girl should be able to have those memories. 🙂

  7. Bratz dolls DO look like hookers!!!

  8. Aw, life with little girls. Ain’t it grand? 🙂

  9. Exactly how it is. My head must have a lot of bruises from the beating against the wall part. They sure are cute though.

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