Thursday Thirteen #3

This thirteen thing is harder than I thought.  How in the world do you people do this every week? 

So, I have been thinking about what to list and here goes.  I am listing thirteen things I love about Fall.

1.  Burnt marshmellows.  Not toasted, BURNT.

2.  Raking leaves and hiding in them to scare the mess out of the kids.  I laugh so hard my sides hurt.

3.  Watching the kids try to do the same thing to Mr. Muscles (dh and daddy) and him “reacting surprised”

4.  The colors of the leaves.

5.  The smell of leaves burning.

6.  The crispness to the air.

7.  Jacket weather

8.  The stars just seem so much more bright, beautiful and abundant at this time of year.

9.  Fall decorations.  I really like the color orange.

10.  Thanksgiving (God, family, food and fellowship, Woo Hoo!)

11.  Fall festivals with all of the arts and crafts, music, food and fun in little southern towns that just exude charm and hominess.

12.  Pumpkin pie.  Mmmmmmm!

13.  Harvesting the last of the summer foods, harvesting apples and planting the winter crops.

What is your Thursday Thirteen?  Leave a comment below so I can visit you and see what you have listed.

Have a very blessed Fall my bloggyland friends.


15 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #3

  1. Wonderful things to love about fall…I thought I was the only mommy who hid in the leaf pile…too hard to scare my brood now. Fellow homeschooler here, only 3 children but hubby does make 4 often. Scouting family too. Come visit my blog.

  2. I LOVE FALL! Absolutely love it! Great list!

  3. I love burnt marshmallows and jacket weather!

  4. Fall is my favorite time of year…but too cold for me here in Montana. I LOVE being able to wear layers again.

  5. I should make you my secret recipe pumpkin pie…it’s a huge request every year!!!!

  6. #1 I agree with. #11 sounds fantastic. #13? If I have to chop another tomato, can another apple, freeze anymore corn I’m going to loose it! ~Karlie

  7. Hmmm, I’m going to have to do some of those Thursday Thirteen lists. Thirteen Ways My Boys Have Broken Windows. Thirteen Socks Without Mates. Thirteen Cartons of Unknown Substances in My Refrigerator.

    Edited by Rhen: LOLOLOL That is too funny. Please start doing TT’s and let me know so I can come read them!

  8. How about drinking a nice big mug of hot chocolate (with a dozen mini-marshmallows melting on the top) on a cool fall evening!

  9. Fall is wonderful & so is your list. Really made me smile! Have a great TT.

  10. See, you did it!! 😀 Great TT!

  11. I struggle to come up with new things too. Its really hard.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever had a pile of leaves big enough to hide in.

  12. fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! thanks for sharing your favorite parts! happy tt!

  13. No, I’m much more of a summer person. The only good thing about fall is my grandmas applestrudel made from freshly harvested apples … yummy!

    Happy TT!

    Greets Julia

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