Tackle it Tuesday


I am afraid there are no pictures of my Tackle for this week.  Sorry!

We made up our minds to clean out the upper shed and we did!  It is a large shed where we store gardening tooks, canning supplies, Christmas and holiday decorations, camping gear, coolers, suitcases, out of season and children’s clothing, homeschooling items we aren’t using right now, my and hubby’s fishing and hunting gear, and a host of other stuff.  It was packed in there and most of the time you couldn’t even open the door all the way.  It would only open enough to squeeze in there.  We took everything out.  I mean EVERYTHING!  We took the shop vac and vacuumed the floors, walls and ceiling.  Then, we repacked and reorganized our crap stuff.  I have been steadily working transferring all Christmas decor and all cloth items to tubs.  That is almost done.  I just have to pick up  a few more tubs.  Anyway, we have the gardening tools neatly hung on the wall.  My canning supplies are all stored on their own shelf.  We have several other shelves that now each hold the normal garage/ shed stuff like WD-40, paint and the like.  All of the tubs of clothing are stacked together, all of the fishing and hunting gear are stacked together and so on.  Hubby then wired the shed, hung 3 lights and added a wall plug.  It is so nice being married to an Electrician! 

For the first time in the year we have been here we can actually walk into the shed.  Not to mention we actually know where everything is at.  It is great!!!

What have you tackled or are you tackling?  To share it or to read more Tackle it Tuesdays head over to 5 Min for Mom!


One response to “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. Want to send your husband to my house to help with my shed? It is wired for electricity, but not actually hooked up to any electicity. Good for you, getting your shed cleaned out and organized.

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