I am not ready yet

I have been talking to myself for a couple of days now about putting Ms. Suesue in her crib at night.  Right now she sleeps in a cradle in my room that is next to my bed.  She is almost 8 months old and will soon be too big to stay in the cradle.  She has a crib in Ms. Serious and Ms. Firecracker’s room.  That is where she takes her naps.  I have given myself several pep talks about last night being the night.  I would put her to bed in her crib and leave her there until she calls for me in the morning.  I just couldn’t do it.  I am not ready to put her in another room.  I have already thought about moving her crib.  It won’t fit in my room.  It has to stay where it is.  Maybe I will feel better about it when we get a new monitor so I can more easily listen for her.  Until then she is staying with me.  

 This is a little harder than I expected it to be.  🙂 *Sigh* 

They grow up far too quickly.


7 responses to “I am not ready yet

  1. I totally sympathize. I always went through the same thing.

  2. Is she your last baby? If so keep her right there with you. My last one is already 3 and I baby her all the time and savor every second. Plenty time to get big!

    Edited by Rhen: We don’t know if she is our last. We may have one more. 🙂

  3. Yes, there’s nothing fun about letting baby’s get big. Mine youngest is 15 months and I just want to freeze him in time, but he keeps laughing and running away:) So it is. Poor moms.

  4. I can totally agree! We have a crib in our room and we let our 2 year old stay in it until next baby was ready for it. She will stay in it as long as possible too. She’s our last.

  5. I concur as well! We have our almost 6mth old in our room and have no plans to move her anytime soon. It’s working out well for everyone, so why rock the boat?

  6. Big huge hugs coming your way!! 🙂 It was so funny to read this because I have been there 4 times over! Enjoy her next to you while you can! 🙂


  7. We still wake up most mornings to find that our 4 & 3 yr. old have snuck into bed with us. I agree with the others, enjoy!

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