Blog Review

My blog review today is along the organization/ cleaning theme.  Yes, we all know how to clean but sometimes we get to muddled down that it is easy to get overwhelmed by our home’s cleaning and organization needs.  The blogs and the specific posts I have linked really have some great info.  I hope you find them as helpful as I did!!

Home Sanctuary– This is Katherine’s (Raising Five -see my blogroll) sister.  This post really helped my to adjust my “view” of my house.  So did the post after right before it so I encourage you to do a little reading.

Ok, so now you have some ideas for everyday cleaning and organizing but now you need a challenge to help you accomplish that room or area that needs your attention the most.  See Organzing Junkie for help!  🙂

And this post on my blog goes right along with the whole cleaning and getting our ducks in a row thing.  I got it from SAHMmy’s blog.  The link to her blog is in the post.

 And finally, when you are the queen (or king) or organized wonderfulness in your kingdom you must read this post from SAHMmy.  I have to take a trip and visit this lady.  She seems like she would be a hoot!  Yes, I said HOOT!


5 responses to “Blog Review

  1. Those links are a treasure trove of good info. I am really working on getting the STUFF out of our house & simplifying. Thanks for the help!!

  2. Thanks for this. I can always use more help in this area.

  3. Thanks for all the great info. Seems I have alot of homework to do! :o)

    Take care

  4. I will definitely have to check these sites for organizing out. I do pretty well with the day to day cleaning, but the very few closets that we have could use some help. We live in an old farmhouse, so our upstairs bedrooms don’t have closets. We only have 2 downstairs that we built ourselves when adding a stairway in the kitchen and remodeling the bathroom. They could use a little “creative” organizing. LOL. Hope your day is blessed.


  5. Oh great, more wonderful blogs to take up more of my time! Just kiddin’, thanks for the links, they are great.

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