Menu Monday

This week’s menu is pretty traditional but I am going to be viewing other menu’s listed at Organizing Junkie’s Menu Monday Mr. Linky to find inspiration for next week’s.  Ya’ll be inspiring!!

For this week:

Baked lemon and pepper chicken w/ mashed pot and green beans.

Turkey noodle bake w/ squash

Hebrew National hot dogs (the best!) w/ apple coleslaw and home fries.  We ate this tonight (Mond) and the apple coleslaw was delicious!!

Hamburgers w/ potato salad and sliced veggies

Breakfast including scrambled eggs, pancakes, turkey sausage

and Saturday night is our Family Night Out.  Yah!  No cooking or cleaning.  I just get to sit back and relax as someone else takes care of it.  🙂


4 responses to “Menu Monday

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  2. Looks like a tasty week ahead

    Happy Monday

  3. Have a great week!

  4. Hi, You have some great meals planned for this week 🙂

    See you next week!

    Rachel xxx
    Come and visit me at my blog 🙂

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