Shall I bore you a little bit?

I imagine that you might find this a tad boring but I am going to tell you what our family has been up to lately.

Saturday Mr. Muscles (dh), the tribe and I worked on our property.  Mr. Muscles weedeated and mowed the yard, by the chicken house, down the driveway and around the front gate area.  It looks so good!  The kids and I cleaned up any trash we found, put away toys, picked up limbs, and weeded the gardens.  We are almost done taking down an old dog pen from a previous owner.  I buried 11 stepping stones around the side of the house along the path that is most used by the kids and the dogs.   They turned out better than I expected and the kids AND the dogs are using them.  🙂  Saturday afternoon we headed over to the church for some food, fun and fellowship.  We ended the evening around a gigantic bon fire and awesome praise and worship songs.  We had to carry half of the kids in and put them to bed.  lol

Sunday was a lot of fun as well.  Mr. Muscles’ company had their family picnic.  The food was yummy.  Mr. Muscles took his Tirimisu Cheesecake (I am slobbering just thinking about it).  The company hired a comedian who made balloon animals.  He was hilarious.   After eating all of the guys played flag football.  I took plenty of pictures and a few clips of video.  Mr. Muscles was sore today after all that roughness.  LOL  🙂

Today was back to the grindstone. I did a few loads of laundry and hung them on the line, cleaned the kitchen, school work with the tribe, I made some laundry detergent, swept the house, cleaned in Ms. Banana and Ms. Independent’s room, moved the 3 day old ducklings to the porch and, of course, made dinner.   What waits for me tomorrow?  Hahaha- laundry, school work, cleaning MY room, cleaning the ducks bedding out, we need more chicken feed and tomorrow evening is Ms. Firecracker’s team gymnastics practice. 

I did get my Menu Monday done but did not get to my Meandering Monday to-do list.  This week I am focusing on getting back into our routine and going through several boxes that are lying around the house.   I am getting Ms. Firecracker and Short Man started on their next Explode the Code books.    We have new pen pal letters to write and a really fun arts and crafts project I want them to get started on.  I have several great blogs like Grace for Gayle, I should be folding laundry, Georgia Mom, Chocolate- the other white meat and others that I have to go visit.  If you want to check them out they are in my blog roll to the right.

As for right now, I am tired and I am going to lay in bed to watch the rest of the Giants/ Falcons game.  Until tomorrow my bloggyland friends.  Good night and God bless!


3 responses to “Shall I bore you a little bit?

  1. That wasn’t boring, that made me tired!!! I thought I was busy, but I only 2 kids (that would be a vacation to you), I have no ducks, my laundry goes in the dryer (and I complain about that!) and my goodness, I would never make my own laundry detergent!!! You just have to share how you do that. After reading your post, I need a nap! I don’t how you get it all done. I’m offically impressed.

  2. Not boring. It’s interesting to see how others live. And inspiring. Care to share how you make your laundry detergent?

  3. That sounds like tons of fun, but exhausting. Hope the fun continues, but the pace slows down! :^)

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