Sunday Scripture

 Hugs and blessings to ya!  Here is today’s thought.

I absolutely love this post so please take a moment to go check it out.

My thoughts today are on discrimination.  You don’t have to be a woman, physically disabled, a minority or poor to be discriminated against.  Everyone deals with discrimination at one time or another.  Some people deal with it more often and some more intensely.   Some people are discriminated against for having a large family, some for having one child, some for living in a poorer area, some for the clothes their wear, some for the lifestyle they choose and so much more.  Who out there does not or has not EVER discriminated against someone else?  Not one person on this earth with the one exception of Christ.  That’s it.  Not only did He not discriminate but rather He reached out to those others trampled down.  He lifted up the people who others tried to stone.  He loved those others deemed unloveable.  If each day we make the commitment to actively look to reach out to someone we do not agree with then the world is just a little better.  What if we not only challenge ourselves but our friends and loved ones to do so as well?  What if they challenged the other people in their lives to do the same?  Wouldn’t the results be awesome???!!!!  Who cares what gender you are?  Who cares what shade your skin is?  Who cares how much money you do or do not have?  We are all created and loved by God.  We are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  I personally am looking forward to the gigantic and amazing family reunion we will one day have.  If you don’t know about it then I invite to talk to someone who has a personal relationship with God to get your reservation.  The more, the merrier baby!!! 

God Bless!


One response to “Sunday Scripture

  1. Hi! I just started hosting Scripture Sunday on my site, would love to have you join. I’ll be posting a new one this Sunday, November 4.


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