Banana’s Birthday

Ooooh, pumpkins!  This weekend we celebrated Ms. Banana’s birthday.  Her actual birthday was Monday but this weekend we had Granny, Papaw and the cousins here from Alabama.  Saturday we enjoyed Jasper’s Marble festival and 150th Anniversary.   We went to the festival and enjoyed great music, delicious food and walking around looking at all the arts and crafts.   The local marble quarry brought a very large truck of marble pieces and dumped them for people to take some.  I found a 12″x12″ piece to use for a cutting board and we got a piece for each of the kids to put in the flower gardens.   We topped the day off with a little shopping and dinner at my favorite Mexican place. 

Sunday we all headed to church.   After church we stayed for a luncheon then off to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm.  There were way too many people there and thousands of pumpkins.  We have a great time on the hay ride and then picked out a couple big pumpkins, a cinderella pumpkin and a few sugar pumpkins for carving. 

Here is one of the displays that we saw on the hayride.

Here are just a few of the pumpkins.  There were fields of these.

Despite the crowds and lines we still had a really good time. 

Once we got home we had Jimmy and Pam (dh’s boss and wife) arrive for dinner, birthday cake and ice cream, presents and to watch the Packers play.   You can see one of Ms. Banana’s gifts and her totally awesome birthday cake HERE.

Well that is it for the blogging right now.  I have to some blog visiting to do to see what everyone is up to.  Until later!

God Bless


One response to “Banana’s Birthday

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Ms Banana!!!

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