The Coolest Birthday Cake!!

I love to create birthday cakes for my kids’ birthdays.  Usually they are pretty normal with interesting themes but for this one I just went crazy!  I made her an ice cream cake. 

It starts like this:

In this ball pan I made a strawberry cake, a chocolate cake and a white (vanilla) cake.

Then I made my chocolate buttercream icing and white buttercream icing.  The chocolate cake had chocolate icing, the white cake had white icing and the strawberry cake had pink icing.  Here is how it looked after that:

A little homemade whip cream, chocolate and a cherry for everyone gives us:

Please excuse the mess but I had just finised it the cake and had not yet wiped up.  Anyway, this was Ms. Banana’s birthday for her 5th birthday.  An ice cream cake!  It was a huge surprise.  Only a couple of people knew what I was planning.  It tasted so good!  Mmmmmmmmm! 

I am making it part of my Show and Tell Tuesday post along with a gift Mr. Muscles (dh) and I made her.


It is a bean bag toss game.  She just loved it.  I was up past midnight painting it on Saturday night for her party on Sunday but it was all worth it to see her reaction!


9 responses to “The Coolest Birthday Cake!!

  1. Oh my gosh that looks fantastic! What a great idea.

    I just came across your blog and had a good laugh at the title. People ask me all the time if they are all mine, and I only have two.

    I enjoyed my visit.


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  3. That cake is out of this world! I love the game backboard too–you’re one talented Mama! Happy Birthday to Ms. Banana 🙂

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  5. Oksy, that is so awesome! People sometimes tell me how creative I am, but I’m really not very creative at all I just know where to find other people’s creative ideas. People like you. :^)

    Edited by Rhen- take the idea and run with it!!

  6. What an absolutely cute cake!!!

  7. What an awesome idea! I will have to remember this for sure. Thanks so much for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. It was so nice to visit you… I love the bean bag toss game, too… you are very talented!

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