WFMW- Backwards!

wfmw.jpgYeah!  I finally thought of something I would love to have advice on.  I didn’t want it to be anything goofy or just plain dumb but I have though of something. 

Here it is:  We have an electric stove.  The drip pans under the eyes are always getting dirty.  Cleaning them only gets them so clean.  A lot of times the stuff burns into them or something.  I don’t know but I do know that not even scotch brite gets it out.  Anyway, replacing them gets way too expensive and covering them over and over again with tin foil is getting old and can get messy.  Got any ideas to help keep them looking nicer longer?  Thank you!

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9 responses to “WFMW- Backwards!

  1. Soaking with bicarbonate of soda may help to get them clean. Worth a shot anyway…

  2. We replaced our stove recently, but the old one was like yours. Ours looked horrible, too. I would find the cheapest place to buy them, whether Wal-mart or Lowe’s or Meijier and go ahead and buy them when we needed to. It’s true, that’s expensive.

    I also hid them with those burner covers, that way they could be cruddy, but I would only have to look at them when I was cooking. Plus, things wouldn’t leak over to the unused drip pans from a major overflow. They’d stop because of the cover.

    The foil thing you already thought of.

    Other than that, I’m out of ideas.

    I wonder if you sprayed a new drip pan with some Pam before cooking, it would make it easier to swipe up in the evening?

    They’re just a big ol’ hassle, aren’t they?

  3. We still use the tinfoil since I have no idea how to fix that one either! Darn. Sorry to be of no help.

  4. Ack! I hated dealing with drip pans when we had an electric stove. I never found a good way to clean them, so I figured an ounce of prevention….Use bigger pots, and never put a lid on peas!

  5. Pre-kids I used to clean houses for a living, and I have never found anything that works to clean these….besides good ole SOS Pads, which don’t always remove every bit.

    Your camping trip sounds awesome. We love to camp too! I don’t knos how I would manage to camp with 6 blessings with the youngest being 7 mos. old, but I’m glad you were able to do it.

    Yay! GO PACKERS! (Sorry, we are into motor sports) I wish I would have known you were a Packers fan before I made your handbag. How about a bigger GBP handbag for your birthday? Our birthdays are only a few days apart. 😉


  6. I was at Walmart yesterday and now they have the disposable tin liners. They are not attractive but easily replaced or just put them under while cooking and then remove. I think there were 12 in a package for around $2. They were on an endcap in housewares near pots/pans. You won my homeschool giveaway over at so please contact me with your mailing address. Thanks.

  7. I’ll share with you my teeny-tiny bit of wisdom, but it’s not perfect; it’s just all I’ve got! The best thing you can do is to keep them clean. Wipe one out every night when you do dishes. (Wiping one is not overwhelming, but it’ll keep them clean if you do one every day.) That will help things, but they will still get dirty . . . so about once a month (or three) take them all out, put them in your sink with a bit of dish soap. Do this after lunch, forget about them all afternoon, go out to eat for dinner (because you can’t cook with no covers!), and take an SOS pad to them when you get home. (Really, I just usually soak them for an hour or two.) The SOS will take off most of the gunk. I really scrub in the corners and all.

    I have had pretty good success with this method everywhere we’ve lived – except when we let some friend borrow our house when we were gone for a month and she SCORCHED something onto one of the pans of our new stove. It was never the same.

  8. Oven cleaner.

  9. Soft Scrub Gel with bleach!

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