Roughin’ It

Guess what we did this weekend.  We went camping!!  At first I thought we were crazy taking 6 kids (ages 7 months – 10 years) camping but man we had a BLAST!  It was just one night.  We wanted to use this to feel out how the kids would do and how we (the grown ups) would do as well.  It has been several years and several kids ago since we had been.  They took to it like a duck to water.  We have a big tent (on clearance from $200 to less than 25- woo hoo!) and this was the first time we got to use it.  All of the kids (except Ms. Suesue- 7 months) helped Daddy set up the tent.  It took them no time at all.  They also helped to unload the van and get our campsite up and running.  I was so proud of them!

The whole weekend was Mr. Muscles’ (dh) boss’ idea.  There was about 10 families camping in all.  We spent the day of Saturday out on the water cruising in a pontoon boat with Mr. Muscles’ boss and coworkers.  We got to fish, swim and just relax.  There was a rock skipping contest for all the kids.  Short Man won $5.  For dinner Mr. Muscles (dh) and I cooked hamburgers over an open fire.  Yum!  I premade a lot of the food like potato salad and such.  I made a chocolate cake with homemade chocolate buttercream icing for dessert.  That evening we all sat around a big fire, talked and made smores.  It was just a lot of fun and exactly what we needed.  We were beat. 

Sunday I woke up first.  It was a little chilly but not bad at all.  It is a lot easier to sleep in cooler weather than hot.  I don’t know what time it was but the sun was not actually up yet.  It was light enough that is just made the tent glow.  Once I was awake there was no going back to sleep.  I woke my pyromaniac honey up to start the fire.  🙂  Mr. Muscles and I cooked turkey sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast in my big cast iron skillet over an open fire.  Mmmmmmm!  The rest of the morning we spent fishing from shore, visiting and laughing with the other campers and just relaxing in the coolness.  We had so much fun that we are already planning on when we can go again.   Hopefully I will have pictures very soon!


One response to “Roughin’ It

  1. Yay!! Next summer we are definitely going to take the plunge and take the little tykes camping – one of my favorite activities.

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