Tackle it Tuesday

Woo Hoo!  I love Tackle it Tuesday.  I am getting stuff done all over the place.  Between this and Meandering Monday I am getting the kick in the pants I needed.

Here is the before of the laundry room (last week’s tackle):

And here is the after:


It felt so good to clean that up.  I am amazed with how much stuff was left by the previous owner and we just never got rid of.  Yikes! 

My Tackle it Tuesday for this week is a pile of tubs and junk that you see right when you walk in the door.  We have to walk around it and I just need to get it gone through and outta here.

What is your Tackle it Tuesday project?  Don’t have one?  Head over to 5 Min for Mom and get inspired!


6 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. OOOOH, you have a laundry room! I’m drooling….

    GREAT tackle, enjoy the fruit of your hard work!

  2. I’m trying to get movtivated really I am!!

  3. I am quite impressed. Good job mom. I’ve never seen a laundry room so clean, especially with a momma with so many blessings. 🙂

    Blessing to you!


  4. I love the laundry room – great job! And I hope you got today’s tackle done! 🙂

  5. Yep mine is the laundry room, check out my disaster post!

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