I am hanging my head……..

…in embarassment.  Is it possible to actually die of embarassment?  Please allow me to give you this true story to explain my question.

We have been trying to find a church in our little town.  We found one that we decided would be a good start.  We have attended two Sundays.   It is a very nice church.  It has many aspects we have been looking for including a Pastor offering to bring us chocolate chip cookies.  If it has chocolate in it- my door is open.  Welcome!  Sunday Pastor Tony said that he likes to stop by the home of anyone who is ok with it and introduce himself on a more personal level.  He said he would bring cookies.  He did.  Monday evening he stopped by with the cookies to introduce himself.  During the next hour Mr. Muscles (dh), myself and Pastor Tony laughed, talked and had a great time.  There was only one mar on the evening.  Our two year old, Ms. Independent, had to use the potty.  She went in and did her business, wiped, washed and came out of the bathroom.  Apparently she got her panties a little wet because when she came out of the bathroom she walked into the living room, spotted a toy she wanted, bent over to pick it up and mooned us all.  Her most direct target was Pastor Tony.  OH – MY- WORD!!  I quickly scooped her up and took her to put panties on.  We had a very serious talk about the importance of wearing our big girl panties.  She looked at me with her big blue eyes and nodded her head obediantly.  I had to go back out there and face Pastor Tony.  I didn’t say anything about the incident.  He didn’t say anything about the incident.  Mr. Muscles didn’t say anything about the incident.  The conversation continued and we laughed until it was time for Pastor Tony to leave.   I have to say that man is very polite.  What in the world does he think of us now?????  LOL   Oh the blessings of 2 year olds.  When she is 16 we can tell her all about her escapades as a child and this will be one of them!


7 responses to “I am hanging my head……..

  1. I’ll bet he just thinks that you have a two year old who occasionally forgets things…just like him. 🙂

    Edited by Rhen- that is very sweet of you. I wonder if he has ever forgotten such an important article of clothing. Her Granny says she comes by it honestly. I just have no idea what she is talking about! (wink, wink)

  2. That’s just plain funny! If the Pastor has kids, he probably didn’t even notice and if he has a wife he knew better than to say anything!

  3. Oh Rhen!!! That’s PRECIOUS!!!! Funny too!!! I am SURE he must have kids or been an older brother because otherwise I bet he’d have been red in the face!!!

  4. Yeah, I was thinking he probably thought nothing of it at all. So often we find ourselves thinking that people will remember us for some embarassing thing we did or said and they don’t remember a thing about it!

  5. That is too funny! He’s seen it all now :).

  6. Yup, if he didn’t say anything, he must have kids of his own . . .a nd if so, he’s seen lots worse! 🙂

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