Monday Meanderings

monday meanderingThanks to Amy at Are We There Yet for letting me know about the Monday Meanderings hosted by Less of Me~More of Him.  This is very cool.  Here are the guidelines: 

Monday Meanderings is a way to use your blog to keep yourself accountable for the week ahead. I tend to to be more diligent if I’m sticking it out here for all to see.  Simply pick 5 things each week that will better help you to tackle the week ahead.  Click here to read an explanation of the guidelines.

Bible Study/Devotions ~  I already do a daily morning bible reading.  I just got into doing this.  I was doing it at night.  What I would like to add now is having a daily prayer list.  I have a ton of notebooks around.  I need to get one out and write down the people and situations I am told about that need prayer. 

Must Do ~

*get all of the boxes off of the porch and into the shed.

*I am almost done with my Tackle it Tuesday area but I need to make that last push to finish the last of it and pick out my new Tackle it Tuesday area.

*go through the boxes in my room and get them out into one of the sheds.

*get the two tubs in the living room gone through and also put into one of the sheds.

*strip the kids’ beds and wash and line dry all of the linens.

*get a couple of packages and a card or two mailed out.

*take several homeschooling materials that are reproducible to the library and make copies. 

Zone ~

*A good scrubbing of the master bathroom

Train Them Up ~

*We do our bible study on Tuesday and I want to continue with that and the devotions and verse writing we do each morning.  I like the way this is working out for us.   

Menu Planning ~

*I have already planned my menu for the week- Here it is

*I need to buy a Sunday paper for coupons. 


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