101 Reasons I love my Husband

Because every time I need an onion peeled, cut and ready to use he is right there to do it.  He knows what it does to my hands and is such a sweetie to stop what he is doing to cut an onion.  Love ya babe!!


2 responses to “101 Reasons I love my Husband

  1. Me too! Me too! (I love hearing all of the reasons you love your husband! Once, for Valentine’s Day, I decorated little index cards with “101 Reasons I Love You” on one side and a reason on the other. I hid them all over the house. It literally took him years and two moves to find them all!) 🙂

  2. That’s so sweet…oh you might want to edit…its uncategorized and not in your “101 Reasons…” category like the other 3 entries are 🙂

    Do you mind if I “steal” this for my blog? I love the idea and my hubby does nice things for me once in a while too 🙂

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