Oooh, I am something on a stick baby!

I just love that saying.  I get a lot of questions from people from the north (aka: Yankees ya’ll) asking what that means.  Bless their little hearts, they just were not raised in the south.   Don’t worry, we are a very forgiving bunch, and we won’t hold it against ya’ll.  😉

Anyhooooooo, I just have to share a little something I am so proud of.  I made a schedule.  I know it doesn’t sound like much but it is huge.  I am totally a list person.  I make lists for everything!  I have lists for groceries, for daily goals, for weekly goals, a honey-please-do list, for travel, for gifts I have purchased, for gift ideas, for schooling ideas, for craft ideas, for future goals, for decorating plans, and for practically everything I do.  I carry around a spiral notebook with my lists in it.  I am not a schedule person.  I like being flexible, spontaneous and on-the-go when we feel like going.

Recently, with addition of Ms. Giggles (6 mo), ballet class, gymnastics class, 4 who are now being homeschooled, library day, homeschool group events and such, I found I just couldn’t get and keep everything straight.  I was not using my time efficiently and my lists were no longer enough.  So, yesterday, I did it.  I sat down and made a schedule.  I have to say that I am so proud.  Here is an example of my schedule.  This is Mondays for Ms. Serious (10)

Wake up- 10:00- get dressed, eat, brush, prepare for the day

10:00- 10:15- devotions, weekly verse

10:15-12:00- Wordly Wise, Social Studies (topic- presidents and states), Reading for Report

12:00- 1:00- Lunch, free time

1:00-2:00- Science Lesson, Reading for Report

2:00-2:30- Chores (home ec)

I told the kids that they have free time to play, be crafty or whatever in the morning but come 10 am it is time for school work.   We start out with devotions and the weekly writing verse.  In Social Studies, as each topic is completed we will move onto the next project (or topic) for that  subject.   The same goes for the Science lesson.  We are studying the human body right now.   Ms. Serious (10) also does a weekly report on a subject she chooses from a list of topics I made for her.  We take one hour break for lunch for them to eat, stretch and get some playing time in.  Then it is back to lessons for the afternoon.  I also included chores in my schedule.   We feel it is very important for them to learn how to be responsible, how to properly clean a home and when we all dedicate a small amount of time to chores then the house is cleaned quickly and they have plenty of time for painting, playing, riding bikes, reading and just having fun.  What I don’t show is that the time after chores also includes plenty of time for the book list reading and projects they are working on for school.  Each day is based on the same time table with different subjects being covered.  Wednesdays are just a little different with gymastics class and library time.  I like our new schedule and the kids have much easier time getting to and doing what they need to each day.  If that day has been selected as a field trip day then the schedule is tossed out the window (just for that day).  We can still be flexible and spontaneous but we also have structure to get things done.

Geez, if I had known how great I would feel I would have made up a schedule a long time ago!  LOL

PS- I have schedules for M-F for each of the school age children.  I would share those with you but it would take up too much space and be way too boring to read.  I am surprised if you haven’t fallen asleep so far!   God Bless!! 🙂


7 responses to “Oooh, I am something on a stick baby!

  1. I really need to do this. I’ve had schedules in the past, and they’ve been very useful. I’ve fallen off the wagon, though.

  2. I TOTALLY get the “on a stick” comment LOL. Its about like when northerners ask us what a “grit” is 😉

    I think I’m going to try to schedule my days off…maybe I’ll feel like I’m accomplishing something instead of the current feeling of “blah” I have right now after working hard all week lol.

  3. Just found you over at Shannon’s review site!


  4. I am totally a list/non-schedule person, too. However, I have been doing the same thing for this year. With two in grades 2 & 1, one preschooler anxious to do school, a toddler wanting to do whatever her “budders” do, and a nearly four-month-old baby, I HAVE to do a schedule. With my binder of lists, I used to be fine. But now, it’s true. It’s just not enough. I haven’t officially started school yet this year, though, so I’m glad to see it’s working for someone of similar personality.

  5. Isn’t it amazing how much we can get done if we have a schedule? When I first read it I thought you got up at 10am and I thought WOW, I want to live at your house.

    And I have to admit to being ignorant but fascinated by your southern expression. What in the world does that mean (please translate) to a girl from the pacific northwest?

  6. I love schedules. I never live by them, but I love the thought of having one! Good job!

  7. LOL–I misread and thought you woke up at 10! Great advice; we’ve recently added a couple weekly events to the agenda so a schedule is in the works!

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