A cool historical tag

Ya’ll know how much I love to do tags and memes and Proverbs 22:6 Academy tagged me for a historical one.  Too cool!  I am such a huge history buff (I love the movie National Treasure).  Here are the rules.  Go to wikipedia and type in the day and month of your birthday excluding the year.   Then you are to list 3 events, two births and one holiday that occured on your birthday.  If you read this then you are tagged by me.  No ifs, ands or buts!  Leave me a comment so I can come and read your birthday history. 

Here is mine:

Events-1184 BC – Greeks enter Troy using the Trojan Horse , 1704 – The first regular newspaper in the United States, the Boston, Massachusetts New-Letter, is published and  1907 – Hersheypark, founded by Milton S. Hershey, for the exclusive use of his employees is opened.

Births- 1905 – Robert Penn Warren, American poet and 1942 – Barbra Streisand, American singer/actress

Holiday- Australia – Kapyong Day a day of remembrance for Korean War veterans, named after the Battle of Kapyong in 1951

I am editing to add two deaths as inspired by Chocolate- The Other White Meat

Deaths-1974 – Bud Abbott, American actor and comedian, 624 – Mellitus, third Archbishop of Canterbury

4 responses to “A cool historical tag

  1. We just studied The Trojan Horse as part of our homeschooling. Intersting to know you share the same birthday as this exciting event!

  2. yestheyareallmine

    That was one of my favorite stories in history when I was young. It still is one of my top 10!

  3. GAH…why did i read it? sheesh…LOL!! Ok I’ll go to wiki later this afternoon….3 events…2 births (mine excluded I’m guessin 😉 ) and 1 holiday…hmmmm…..

  4. I thought the death thing was kewl…what can I say 😉

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