Clothing Pet Peeve Tag

Welcome to the clothing pet peeve tag.  Thanks for tagging me!  🙂  If you have been tagged please post the directions at the top of your blog, choose your top 5 clothing pet peeves and then choose 3 people to tag.   It is that simple!

1.  Mature women dressing as if they are 14 years old.  Sad.

2.  Pants so low you have to shave to wear them. 

3.  Pants so tight that there is a doughnut of fat hanging 3 inches over all the way around.  Ewwww!   Add in a belly shirt and the picture just gets so much better.  Not!

4.  Bra that is a dark color and a shirt that is a light color. 

5.  Guys who wear pants so big you can see most of their underwear.  I just want to run over and snatch them down.  Geez, they’re practically around their ankles already!!

I would love to see people dressing for their size and shape. 

I am tagging Musings of a Housewife, Gayle at Grace for Gayle and Georgia Mom


5 responses to “Clothing Pet Peeve Tag

  1. Very fun! I think I’ll get to this one next week.

  2. OMG No kidding….the kids at youth group at our church KNOW to not wear their pants like that because Ms. Carrie will give them wedgies..I don’t yank them down I pull them up for them 😉

  3. Oh funny… I’ll put that one up soon!

  4. LOL! I have to hold myself back whenever I see someone sagging their pants so low…I think, I could just give a gentle tug and whoops! No more pants! :0) I usually do make some comment though, like “Nice underwear.”

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