My Superhuman Powers!

I just have to share that I have superhuman powers.  Really!   I have the ability to do things in my home that the other 7 people I live with cannot.  Can you believe it??  Did you know I can unroll socks?  Yes!  Time and time again my family has failed at this monumental task.  No matter how many times I have shown them they just do not have the superhuman powers I do. 

Another amazing ability I have is to change the toilet paper roll.  Apparently it takes superhuman strength to get the rod out of the holders, take the empty roll off and put on a new roll.  I realize that it is probably more than just my two year old looking at me in amazement when I do that.  I am sure the rest of them are watching from around the corner asking themselves, “How does she DO that?”.   

What other superhuman abilities besides strenth and dexterity do I have?  Vision.  My family can walk past a piece of trash on the floor a dozen times and never see it.  It may be huge but still they are only human and cannot see what I see with my wonderous vision.  When I pick up to throw it away they all are so amazed that they even stepped over it yet did not see it.   Ha ha!  I strike again! 

There seems to be some mysterious forcefield around our laundry hamper that only I can penetrate.  I am not sure how it got there or who put it there.   Not even Mr. Muscles (dh) can break through it!

Now I am going to have to pay close attention to see what else I can do with my superhuman powers.  I have no idea why God chose to bless me with such abilities but I promise I shall only use them for good and not for evil!  I am off to save the day.  Somewhere in my house socks are rolled up into tiny, uncleanable balls, tiolet paper rolls are empty and trash is calling out for rescue!  Until later………….


16 responses to “My Superhuman Powers!

  1. I am so excited, I am friends with a woman with superhuman powers!! I have a few superhuman powers as well, for example, I am the only one strong enough to push the lever on the toilet!! I believe I also have super vision because I am the only one that can see when the pet bowls are empty. Thanks for the smile my friend.

  2. yestheyareallmine

    Yes, I have the strength for that one too. Amazing, isn’t it?! LOL
    Hugs to you Rashel!!

  3. My goodness! I just realized I have the same super powers! I wonder why moms have these powers, but dads and children do not?

  4. This is too funny!! I feel the same way, daily.

  5. HAHAHA! Do you have SuperAim as well? As in, managing to actually toss dirty clothes in the vicinity of the nearest hamper with some degree of accuracy?

    Edited by Rhen to say- Why yes I do!! How did you ever guess? LOL

  6. hahah – this is great!

    we should start a club!

  7. Same powers here.
    Also the power of super strength to lift dirty dishes to the dishwasher….and super sonar hearing to let the dog out when he’s barking. apparently I am the only one in the family with this remarkable hearing power.

  8. Wow, you are amazing!! I’m feeling a litle super human myself! Too funny!

  9. Da da daaaa!!!!!!
    I will have to say I am in awe!!!!! I feel a bit that way from time to time! 😉 Yeah, I think a club is a good idea… hee hee heee.
    Much Love to you my friend!

  10. Sounds like you deserve a Super Vacation and I bet the rest of them will suddenly find that they have super abilities too! Either that or you have a big mess to clean up when you get back.

  11. Ohhhh a SuperMommy!!! I love it!!!!

  12. What a great way to look at the world! I wonder if I have any super powers…..? Hmm…Yes! I am the only one who knows how to fold a t-shirt! (except for my daughter, but she is developing her own super powers….)

  13. oh my god i think i have them aswell. i typed in google and pressed enter this once and i didnt even touch the keyboard i was very worried.

  14. I have super human powers, but recently i had a blood test which obviously took some blood away and my power weakend 😥

    But! on the bright side i trained myself hard enough to get them back!

    My powers is to control air or known as “Elemental Manipulation”.

    Should i say my age? ok im 13 years old! and recently found out that powers work more quickly as children!

  15. Lol, i just realized that my mom is superwoman… now i have to try to make a better effort towards using my latent superpowers and helping her out so she can take a load off… (im only 15)

  16. Oh, my goodness, I now feel sooo empowered! LOL!! I can even rinse & carry empty 5-cent returnable bottle & cans to the just-for-them bag, located only 4 feet from the kitchen sink-counter area where they tend to “rest”. And I can even wash out milk jugs/cans/papers etc., and throw them in the recycling bin, only 4′ further than the bottle bag!

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