The Joy of Driving

I thought I would include another installment of the story- 2000+ Miles. 

6 kids including 1 baby, all the stuff that is needed for 6 kids, 2 adults, the little bit of stuff of ours we can fit, one 8 passenger van and 1000 miles one way.  What does that equal?  Our family vacation 2007!  The trip up was not bad at all.  Long but not bad.  🙂   The way back down is a whole other story.  Going up we made it through up to Chicago in great time but then after 9+ dollars in toll charges and 2 hours we made it to WI and up to Dad and Sus’ house.  You would figure that after 9+ dollars from just one vehicle going one direction added to all the other tolls taken daily from drivers going in all directions there would be more than one lane open on the Express Way and more than 2 or 3 toll booths open.  Sheeesshhhh!  Where is all that money going?   Chicago is not, by any means, a pretty city and to spend that long looking at it was just flat out depressing.   For some strange reason we decided to go back through it to get home to the deep south  BAD DECISION!!  More bad smells, more depressing scenery and then tons more traffic!   It seems that all the rain IL and IN got while we were in WI caused a lot of flooding.  We traveled the mostly closed even with all the toll money roads of Chicago just to be trapped in more traffic because part of I-90 was closed going into IN.  Just inside on the IN state line the flooding was so bad in one city that is overflowed the sewage area and came out on the interstate.  Now we get to go from Chicago bad smell to rain and sewage bad smell.  They smell very similar.  The flooded area was more than 3 tractor trailers long.  It took 2 1/2 hours to go 3 miles.  We were finally able to get off of the interstate just inside IN and made our way to a Cracker Barrel.  After a hot meal, a potty break and a chance to stretch our legs then we were off again trying to get home.  Problem.  We were stuck.  Every major highway was blocked by flooding.  We tried side roads and many of them were blocked as well.  When we finally did find a road it was blocked by a stopped train.  They had to stop it to check the tracks and see if it could cross safely.  We had to backtrack until we found a way around the train, the sewage and the flooding.  5 hours after we started in Chicago we finally made it I-65 and headed south to Indianapolis.   At about 2:30 am Mr. Muscles (dh) and I were too tired to drive any further.  4 hours of sleep at a Best Western and we loaded the kids up to continue on our quest to make it home.  Much to our relief we made it.  It took another 8 hours to get home.  1 hour of that was a stop at Waffle House to eat.  Neither one of us really felt like cooking when we got home so we stopped to feed the herd.  It was a great idea on Mr. Muscles’ part.  We unloaded the van, put 6 very tired kids to bed and collapsed.  It took 2 days for my eyeballs not to feel like cotton when I opened them.  Chicago- never again!!    

I was able to get a post card from TN and WI but didn’t get a chance to get ones from IN, IL and KY.  That is too bad.  I was going to make a travel scrapbook page(s) with them but it will have to wait until next year.   That is all for now.  Maybe I will get a wild hair and share a little about what we did in the land of cheese. 


One response to “The Joy of Driving

  1. Glad to hear that it wasn’t horrible. We have an 8 passenger van for the 7 of us and I am already thinking we need to buy a big church van! I hope your time in Indiana, Wisconsin and Ky were joyful. I have lived in all those states and know they have a lot to offer.

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