Show and Tell Tuesday

I decided to make dessert tonight and I was inspired by stuffed strawberries I saw.  I don’t remember where I saw them but they were stuffed with whipped cream.  For ours Mr. Muscles (dh) made whipped cream and I cut the tops off the strawberries and then cut the strawberries cross wise at the tip.  This allowed the strawberries to be opened up and the whipped cream squirted in there.  I grated some semi-sweet chocolate and topped the strawberries with it.  They were so good!  I am including a picture.  Granted they are not as pretty as the other picture I saw and I did add the chocolate but we were very happy with them.  Yummm! 



3 responses to “Show and Tell Tuesday

  1. Just the thought is making me dizzy. Dipping in chocolate sounds yummy, but I never would have thought of stuffing them with whipped cream.

    I’m feeling faint!

  2. Those look very yummy!

  3. Those look yummy!!!! What’s better than strawberries, whip cream and chocolate!

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