2000+ Miles

2000+ miles is what we have put on the van in the past week.  Sorry to have been gone so long and not posting but Mr. Muscles (dh) and I took our tribe (us and our 6 children) to Wisconsin for a family vacation.  We had a magnificent time while there even though the sun did not make an appearance until the morning we left.  It is almost a 1000 miles one way and then you add in all of the miles driven to explore.  That makes for way too much time in the van.   I think my backside is about 3 inches wider.  I am not going to put it all in one post so I will divide it up over several posts.  Saturday (the 18th) we left at 7 o’clock am.  We drove to Chattanooga, TN where we made our first pitstop.  I was very tempted to buy a replica of Elvis Presley’s drivers liscence but it was too much.  Now I wish I had.  Love Elvis!   From Chattanooga we headed to Nashville and up I65 to Lousiville, KY.  It was a beautiful drive.  In KY we stopped to eat the picnic lunch we packed.  Next big city was Indianapolis then Chicago.  Chicago is a whole story to itself and will be covered later.  We ate dinner at a Cracker Barrel on the southside of Chicago.   We did not want to go through that city on empty stomachs!  For some reason the Garmin did not take us through Milwaukee.  It had us head over to Rockford and up 39/51 to our destination.  We got to Dad and Suz’s house at 11:30 their time.   We were too beat to go to church on Sunday but several of our children did go with Dad to his church.  They had fun and got to spend time with him.   That afternoon we had a family get-together at my Uncle Larry and Aunt Julie’s house.  We got to see a good chunk of the family.  The food was great, the company was wonderful and we laughed a lot.  It rained all day on Sunday.  I am glad I took long jeans and jackets for the kids.  Sunday and Monday were raining, windy and on the cold side. 

The kids traveled well.   At the rest stop where we had our picnic they had races and Mr. Muscles (dh) timed them.  They read books they brought, watched movies and played a spot certain cars game.  Ms. Suesue (5.5 months) was great.   She didn’t fuss and the other kids took turns entertaining her when she was awake.  The kids did a lot better than I thought they would. 🙂  LOL  We are very blessed Mom and Neil kept the dogs while we were gone or we would have not had any room in the van!  Ok, that is all for now.   I will get to the exciting and fun stuff next.  😉 


4 responses to “2000+ Miles

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, glad you made it home safe and sound!

  2. Good Lord you were probably 10 feet from my house!!!!!!!!! At least that is what it sounds like from your directions!!!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! And you are brave! I haven’t even taken my two kiddos on a trip that far yet! Maybe I should try it sometime….

  4. Wow, you are one brave women taking that many kids on such a long trip! But, it sounds like everyone did great and you all have fun! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

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