I am in love……

…………with an iron! Crazy, I know but wow!  Today is the first day of our vacation and we are staying with Dad and Suz.  While unpacking this morning (after a 17 hour drive to get here) I noticed that even with rolling my shirts several of them still got wrinkled so I borrowed my Dad’s iron.   Oh. My. Goodness!  I feel like I have been ironing for years with just a hot rock.  This iron is light and it has a really cool button that shoots out steam at offending wrinkles and blasts them to kingdome come.  Yes!  For all of those who are reading this and going “Huh?”  you are ironing with a hot rock too.  For all of you reading this saying “Preach it honey!” you know exactly what I am talking about.  All I have to say is- Momma is gettin’ a new iron!  🙂

 Added- I have the name of Dad’s iron.  It is a Black and Decker Steam Advantage. 


9 responses to “I am in love……

  1. Oh I hear ya…I hate ironing though so I just don’t buy things that wrinkle easily. AND when we travel I hang stuff up in the bathroom to get the wrinkles out…how bad is that?

  2. I know exactly what you’re talking about! I had no idea that I was ironing with a hot rock, until I went over to my friend’s house. She sews a lot and had a top of the line iron. HUGE difference!

  3. I love those light weight too.
    Ironing with the whole steamindustry in my hands is not doing the trick.

    Have fun buying!

  4. Ironing with a hot rock—That’s funny!

  5. Sounds like I might need to go iron shopping too!!! I totally understand about the awful dread of ironing, but I guess when you have a stinky iron, that makes the dread worse!!!!
    Have a great day my friend!!

  6. Be sure & tell us what kind of iron it is! I am sending you the Nice Matters Award – you can pick up your award over at my little home on the web :o) Have a blessed week!

  7. I totally understand. I had an old iron from college and it was really bad, so last Christmas at my parents house (we each buy a same gender gift and then everyone picks) and my mom had gotten an iron. We hadn’t even talked about me needing a new one. She told me which bag it was in and I am in iron heaven! That thing is great. I love ironing.

  8. My iron is on its last leg! What brand, model, etc?

  9. I just bought a NICE iron last month. WOW it was so worth the money! I still don’t iron, but it makes my husband happy! BAD WIFE. ~Karlie

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