WFMW- kitchen helpers

It is important for kids to help out and learn responsibility taking care of the house they live in and one room that is always in need -the kitchen!

Our children help out by putting away the dishes and setting the table which is not always easy for short people to do.  (ask MY mom LOL)

Anyway, one of the best suggestions we heard was from another mom who puts her dishes where the children can reach them.   Instead of putting mixing bowls, containers and such in the lower cabinets and in the lower shelves, that is where we put the plates and bowls.  They are not down far enough for our 2 y.o. to reach, but the rest of them can easily get to the dishes to set the table.  They also don’t have to stand on any stools to put them away and that is safer.

The least used kitchen items are put on the higher shelves and use the other shelves to store the items we use regularly.  Anyway that is my tip for WFMW.

All for His glory, ~Rhen

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9 responses to “WFMW- kitchen helpers

  1. Oooooh.. that is good. My 4 year old is always asking to help with the dishes (I know.. he is crazy) and the most he can do is unload everything onto the counter. I might have to revisit my storage plan. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Great idea. I recently moved all my dishes lower also. The plan is to start teaching my younguns to set the table (they’re 4, 2.5 & 1). They can do it. I just have to take the extra time to get them trained. = )

    Thanks for stopping by my place earlier. I love your title. I only have 3 (hope to have more) but I’ve been asked that question a lot. For THREE!

  3. That’s a great idea! Now to see if I can figure out how to implement this in my tiny kitchen. 🙂

  4. Good idea! No kids yet for us (I’ve gotta finish grad school first!), but I’ve heard of other families doing this, as well as having front-loading washers so that kids can reach in and start their own laundry as early as 6yrs old!
    I heard somewhere that any child should be able to run an entire household by the age of 11…. should be ABLE to, but shouldn’t HAVE to, I guess. But should have the ability if needed.
    Sounds like your way is perfect for teaching young ones their way around the kitchen!!

  5. We do this, too. Cups and plates are all low enough so that the girls can get them out, as well as put them away when they unload the dishwasher.

    Great tip!

  6. Great idea about using the lower shelves! I’ve been trying to teach my three year old to help out in the kitchen–it usually involves him standing on a chair. Thanks!

  7. Yes, I love this idea – will tuck it away for when Miss 7mths is old enough to pull her (miniscule) weight! Thanks for commenting on my blog – I am so new at this that it gives me a buzz to ‘contact’ the outside world! Stop by any time!

  8. teaching your children responsibility will lead them to be more independence.
    Great ideal

  9. Great tip!~


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