Can I go back to bed?  Seriously.  I am whooped today.  Sometime early this morning Ms. Suesue (5 mo) woke up and demanded to eat.  No pacifier was going to cut it!  I gave in, picked her up and fed her in bed.  Needless to say we both fell asleep.  I am sure she fed well on that side.  The evidence proves it.  So I woke up to switch sides but when I had fallen asleep I did so with my right arm over my head and up on the pillow.  Bad idea.  When you sleep like that for a while and then go to move your arm you have very little control.  I tried to push my hair back out of my face but my arm spazzed badly and I jabbed myself in the eye with my thumb.  I was too tired to get up and assess the damage so I just put Ms. Suesue on the other side and went back to sleep as my eye watered and throbbed in protest.   When I finally got up a little later I walked into the bathroom and noticed my right eye was puffy and not looking all the great.  For a split second I had forgotten what I had done to myself.  It took only a second glance in the mirror to remember.  My eye is still a little puffy, it has a scratch under my eye and my actual eyeball has several bloodspots.  Good job spaz!!   That was not my oobermom moment.

My oobermom moment this morning was cleaning the entire kitchen floor and baseboards on my hands and knees.  I scrubbed every speck and the floor is just gleaming.  Any child that tries to go through for the next 20 min. will lose a foot!   Before any oobermoms out there start getting excited- don’t.  Yes, I do mop my floor but it is usually standing up.  Whenever I am done using a dishcloth to wipe down the kitchen I clean it out one more time and then pick a section of kitchen floor and wipe it.  Rather than just putting the cloth in the dirty clothes I figure it is frugal of my time and resources (giggle) to take the opportunity to clean a section of floor and baseboard.   It helps to keep the floor from getting bad and it is quick.  2 for 1 there!  Well, this morning I had 4 dishcloths.  Why 4?  Because the children “helped” to clean the kitchen last night.  Need I go on?  Anyway, it seems that 4 is the exact number needed to clean the entire kitchen floor, baseboards and all.  Who knew? 

I hate to leave but I have sweet tea and laundry detergent to make.  I used the last of both this morning.  Until later!

All for His glory, ~Rhen

PS- If anyone would like to be inspired as a mom and encouraged please read This post!  God Bless


One response to “Oobermoms

  1. Great post! As a nursing mother and hands-and-knees-mopping devotee I feel you on all counts!

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