Who’s got junk challenge

Ok who here has junk raise your hand.  Don’t be shy and get your hand up there!  I doubt I will see Laura’s hand up though.  🙂 wink, wink!

Here is the challenge:

Find 25 things in your house to get rid of.  Oh don’t whine!  25 is NOT a big number.  No it cannot be 25 pieces of paper even though a good handful of paper can count as 1 thing.  You can either throw the stuff away, freecycle it, recycle it, give to some unsuspecting soul or whatever but it has to leave your property and not come back.  It can be clothing, the annoying little things all over the house that you have to dust for fear of someone coming over and seeing all the dust and thinking you are so sad, sports, equipment, toys, games, never been used and won’t be kitchen junk, gardening stuff, whatever you have that needs to go!  It’s all good.  Now, go pick your 25 things, get rid of them and put your list on your blog.  Be proud of your accomplishment.  🙂  When you list your 25 things challenge others to do the same.  You can link to my blog and challenge if you choose to.  If you do participate and link back please leave a comment so I (and anyone else) can hop over and check out your list.

Just think, we will all be a little more decluttered and a little less trapped by our junk just by starting with 25 things.  I challenge you!  Can you do it? 

All for His glory, ~Rhen

PS- I will be posting my 25 list later on today or Monday.  I have already started searching!


8 responses to “Who’s got junk challenge

  1. This couldn’t come at a better time. I was just sitting here this morning thinking it was time to declutter some of my “knic-knac” and things of that nature.
    So count me in on the challenge. I’m game.
    Too bad we don’t all live close by each other, what a huge garage sale we could have, LOL.

  2. I know where my problem clutter lies…..in my craft room! I will try to get it in shape while on vacation after we get back from our concert. I might be a little late in getting it done, but I will work on it!!

  3. Thanks for the great idea! I will definitely use this post on my blog when I get the chance. I really enjoyed browsing your blog and plan to come back for visits!

  4. Well I don’t think I’ve got any junk but my kids sure do…lol. Great challenge idea!


  5. What a fun challenge and much needed I must say! Ok, I am in but I don’t know when I will get to it, sometime this week though and I will post on here when I do. Thanks Rhen, you are such a good encourager!

  6. That’s funny that I saw this- I was just looking at the pile in the corner of my bedroom- aka- “the junk pile” of stuff to give a way. It’s amazing that I make a trip to our local charity about once every 2 months or so and as soon as I come back there will be something else that needs to go.

  7. Rhen This is a great challange. My children and I have been working on this all summer and the house is coming along nicely. My encouragement has been a book I received called,TOO MUCH STUF by K. Porter. It is an awesome book to read if you are seriously wanting to declutter your heart and home. Check out my blog to see where we started and where we are. It is under the COLLOSOL CLEAN UP
    Good Luck Friend.

  8. Great idea!! I REALLY need to take pics and get rid of a bunch of kids’ clothes….they are starting to overtake my bedroom…

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