Christian Persecution is Laos

Christians ‘Shot on Sight’ in Laos Crackdown

By Jeff M. Sellers
Compass Direct News
August 7, 2007 – LOS ANGELES – Soldiers, police and others have killed at least 13 Christians in Laos in the past month in a swarming crackdown on Hmong villagers falsely accused of stirring rebel dissent, sources told Compass. 

In the sweep, encouraged by communist village leaders and others who have falsely accused the Christians of being separatist rebels, authorities have arrested and imprisoned about 200 members of a 1,900-strong Laos Evangelical Church in Ban Sai Jarern village, Bokeo province in northwestern Laos.

The hunted Christians are largely Hmong refugees who had fled persecution in Vietnam. Those killed include Hmong who went into hiding when joint forces of Vietnamese and Lao police began rounding up Christians falsely accused of supporting Gen. Vang Pao in August 2006.

Among those killed last month was Neng Mua, a Christian who slipped back to his native Fay village after hiding in the mountains from the police round-up. On July 7 he went to a local villager’s house to beg for food, but his one-time friend instead shot him dead as a suspected member of the “liberation army,” a Christian source said.

Police have searched intensively for Christians in rice fields and mountains and are shooting them on sight, said the source, who requested anonymity.

“Many Christians were killed and badly injured,” he said. “Women and children were arrested and sent to prison.”

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