Be Healthy Tips

Did you know that yogurt significantly increases your bodies metabolism to burn fat?  Not only does it increase your metabolism, help you to burn unneeded fat but it also puts the healthy bacteria back into your stomach.  These bacteria are essential to good health and a strong immune system.  Strong immune systems are VITAL -especially to moms who get no sick days!!!   I can’t eat yogurt but I do love the smoothies like the organic and natural ones from Stoneyfield.  Mmmmmm- the strawberry one is my favorite!  I drink one before each workout as well.  So ladies, eat up or drink up but get your yogurt!!!

and one more thing…………..

Most people in the US have such a weak thirst reflex that they often mistake it for hunger.  That means that when their bodies need water they grab food.  They don’t need the food and it just adds to some peoples’ weight issues.  Another problem is that when some people are thirsty they grab a coke, soda instead of water.  That only masks the thirst.  More carbs and calories added .

Bottom line- drink more water!!  Be healthy and stay safe all.

All for His glory,



One response to “Be Healthy Tips

  1. But water is icky….;)

    By Rhen- LOLOL Flavor it you silly goose! Lemon works great or lime maybe.

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