Homeschool Week Day 4

I wish I had know is the subject for today.

I guess I wish I had known that I didn’t have to imitate the government school system.  For the first few months of my first year I tried to imitate a daily school schedule.  That was such a headache.  I finally realized that the way the government school system takes up so much time is all the waiting in line, waiting on other students, shuffling between classes and so on.  I relaxed and just focused on teaching my children.   We started having a lot of fun and included arts, crafts, reading time (at that time I read to them) and playing time with puzzles, games and outside.  The more fun we had the more they learned. 

The other thing I wish I had known about was Christian Book Distributors.  I had a hard time finding books other than the little workbooks at the megastores.  My kids were getting older and needing more.  A friend told me about CBD and I was thrilled.  Great prices, huge selection and reviews about the products.  I can take peeks inside the books I am interested in.   Don’t get stuck on just one kind of book.  There are many choices out there so look for curriculum pieces that best suit your child’s learning style.  It is so easy to overbuy so take your time and do a little research.  What may work for one family or one child may not work for you.  There are 3 kinds of homeschoolers- the first are the ones that use entire curriculums from one source- like saxon, abeka, BJU and such.  The second are eclectic and use a variety of curriculums and books from different sources (that is me) and third are homeschoolers who rarely use anything you can purchase other than notebooks.  They use other resources like the library and the internet.   Your particular style is unique so don’t sweat it if you differ from everyone else you know.  Relax and enjoy!!

All for His glory, ~Rhen

2 responses to “Homeschool Week Day 4

  1. Isn’t it amazing how we all have the same destination in mind yet go about it in such different manners?!

  2. Just stop by for a visit. I’m a fellow Back To Homeschool blogger.

    Great post! I wish more homeschoolers or would-be homeschoolers realized that it’s not about duplicating a public school setting at home!


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