WFMW- what’s that smell?

Yes, having little boys can make a bathroom very smelly (not to mention any toddlers that are potty trainging).  That is this week’s challenge from Rocks in my Dryer– check it out.  My son is now 8 and is the one responsible for cleaning the toilet.  We use the disinfecting wipes every day and then weekly the bathroom is scrubbed.  A match that is lit and then blown out will kill any smell that is in the air.   I have a box in my bathroom for DH and one in the kitchen for using in the kids’ bathroom. 

All for His glory, ~Rhen

3 responses to “WFMW- what’s that smell?

  1. My grandmother always had a box of matches in her bathroom and as a kid I always wondered why…

  2. Ahh yes the trusty match method for odors is a good one. I’m glad you said you keep the box of matches for your kids bathroom in the kitchen 🙂 I could just see your bathroom going up in flames!

  3. THAT’S why people say “Light a match next time” Huh?!?! I never knew….now where’d I put those matches…..

    I LOVE your blog name…that’s great..LOL!!! I’m saving your page to read more!!!!

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