Homeschool Week Day 3

Get out there………..

…………….and we do!!  One of the great things about homeschooling is portability!  LOL  We pack up a subject or two and head to the park.  The little ones play, the big ones do their work, we feed the ducks, we have wonderful discussions, we laugh and we play. 

Every week we have a library day.  I have reading lists for each of the readers and they get to choose a few of those to check out as well as whatever interests them.  While at the library they get some computer time, books on tape time, reading time, coloring time, research time and play time.  We have an awesome library for such a small town and the librarians are very wonderful! 

Woo Hoo, field trips!!  We LOVE field trips!  There are so many free things to do or things that do not cost a lot and offer the kids great hands-on experiences.  This year I have been talking to locals and am lining up a trip to a bee keeper, a chicken farm, the fire house, the police dept, a pumpkin farm and a few others.  We also go to the state parks and the free or low-cost events put on around our town. 

I just signed our oldest 4 up for gymnastics and ballet.  Our oldest is taking ballet and the next 3 are taking gymanstics.  The place they are doing this is so great..  They offer classes for homeschoolers that are scheduled during the day and they are not only reasonable but worked with our budget to get as many of the kids in there as we could.   The kids look forward to every Wed. with Coach Billy. 

I have been teaching our oldest to play guitar and now the next two are interested in playing instruments as well.  I will start by teaching them to read music then actually play instruments.  When they outgrow me I will have to find them someone to teach them.  Until then I am the music teacher.  

All for His glory, ~Rhen

One response to “Homeschool Week Day 3

  1. I would love if my daughter’s karate were during the day. Karate nights are always so hectic because we are getting home right at bedtime!

    By Rhen~ that is why I love being able to do their stuff during the day. It makes things a lot less crazy!

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