Homeschool Week Day 1

My husband and I had so many things we did not want our children exposed to, we wanted ways we could teach them to deal with those things and we wanted them to get as much personalized academic attention as they could get.   Our oldest was only a few months old when my husband and I looked at her and agreed she would never set foot in a government school! 

1. Bullies- many children are beat up, robbed, molested, ridiculed, terrorized and absolutely tortured by bullies.  We want our children to know how to deal with these people but that doesn’t mean they have to be thrown to the lions to learn!

2. Bad teachers.  Statistics show less than 15% of teachers actually love their job and give 100% to their students.  As much as 30% hate their jobs and the rest are apathetic.  How likely is a child to recieve the good teachers every year of their 13 years of schooling?  Hah!

3.  Extreme materialism- So many people are all about how much they can own, how much they can buy their children and having the newest of everything.  We want our children to value God, family, and friendships above all the “things” you can buy. 

4.  We wanted our children to dress appropriately and learn self respect.  We do not force them to wear dresses or be covered from neck to ankle but there is no reason for a child, young man or young lady to dress promiscuously.  Our boys and girls are taught how to dress with class, to dress appropriately and how not to bring negative attention to themselves.  You can look nice without looking trashy. 

5.  We wanted our children to have curriculums that fit their learning style.  There are 4 learning styles and many curriculums that are made to fit them.  If child is a audio learner writing something over and over and over again will not help them to learn anywhere near as much as just giving it to them in an audible way.   They are sponges and love to learn but they have far better results when it is presented in a way they understand.

6.   We wanted our children to not just read about things in books.  We wanted them to EXPERIENCE it.  When they want to learn about something we go do it!  We do lots of field trips and the kids love them. 

7.  We wanted our children to have as much one-on-one time as they needed to learn what is in front of them.  Education is made of building blocks and if they don’t have a solid foundation then the rest is all shaky!

8.  We wanted our children to learn Godly character, respect and have a firm spiritual foundation. 

9.  We wanted our children to learn true and healthy socialization.  We didn’t want them to be fit into neat little boxes with everyone else.  We didn’t want them restricted to people their own age and grade.  That is not how the real world works.  We wanted our children to know how to properly socialize and interact with people of varying backgrounds, ethnicity and age.  No barriers!  God reaches out to everyone and so should we.

There are so many more great reasons.  Here is a website that has lots of them!

Some people assume that we homeschool because of our faith in God but that is very wrong.  We decided to homeschool years before we were saved.  Our decision was based solely on the state of government schools and knowing that they could not provide our children with the best education.  Our children deserve the best.  They are worth it.  Not to mention I am crazy about them and love being with them!

All for His glory, ~Rhen


5 responses to “Homeschool Week Day 1

  1. Great reasons to homeschool. Much like my own. It’s been so rewarding (not without trials of course) to see my kids catch concepts, memorize, eager to read.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your reasons to homeschool – looking forward to the rest of the week!

  3. I agree with them all…great reasons and thank you for sharing them!

  4. Awesome! Love this…I especially identify with 2,3, and 9! As for #2, that is so true and so sad. We send our kids to schools where the teachers don’t give a rip half the time. So sad!

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