Country Life

I just love living in the country.  I have two very close friends who are city girls through and through.  One actually lives in the city (smack dab in the middle of a big city) and one who dreams of living in the city all the while living in the country with her hubby who is all country at heart.  Poor chick!

I walked out on the side porch this morning to enjoy the view of the mountains and no neighbor,s and down the hill a little ways by the chicken house are 2 doe and a fawn.  The fawn is just beautiful.  She is delicate, a rich brown and bright white spots.  I was talking on the phone (surprise, surprise) when I realized they were there.  They see me as well.  They didn’t even give me one ounce of consideration but continued eating and slowly walked off into the woods.

Some days I can step out on that same porch and there will be a deer just 10-12 yards from me.  Wow.  Love it!

You never know what kind of critter you will find out here.  The squirrels follow after the chickens.  The chickens clear away the leaves and litter and then the sqirrels come behind them to dig up nuts that are more easily exposed.   Lizards and snakes steer clear of the chickens.  The chickens will all gather around, peck until the offender is dead and then fight over the prize.  They are attack chickens after all.  Good chickens, good chickens.  🙂

Speaking of chickens, I have to go down and see how all of our Buff Orpington chicks are doing now that they have been moved to the chicken house.  So far no losses or anything.  They have considerable more room than when they were in the brooder box!  Until later………

All for His glory,



5 responses to “Country Life

  1. That sounds really nice! I grew up in the country and have fond memories of those days.

  2. we live in the country sort of too. I love watching our chickens and goats!

  3. We live in the country as well. As a former city girl I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but now; you couldn’t pay me to go back to the city. Oh, and thanks for the post “plug”. ~Karlie

  4. That sounds so nice! I live 15 minutes outside of a very big city, but I think that one day we’ll be in the country too :).

  5. Oh, it sounds so lovely! I am a city-born, suburban dwelling person who dreams of someday living in the country! I would love to have the space for our children to play and to see the beauty you describe in your post. We are limited now because my husband works here and we can’t venture too far away to make his commute intolerable. 😦 But, I can surely dream!

    Many blessings during this Christmas week and always,

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