Homeschool Tip- Weather

We are working on weather in our schooling and since weather is a year round occurance we have found a great way of adding every month.  Graphs, baby!!

For 1 week a month (that is Mon-Fri), every hour on the hour from 9 am to 9 pm we will record the temperature outside.  We will also record whether or not it was cloudy or sunny.  We will record if we got precipitation (fancy word for water from the sky wink, wink) and how much.

This will go each month until we have done the whole year.  As each month progresses we can compare what the weather is doing.

There are variations of this, of course.  You can record just one day a week every week.  You could record every day for the whole month or whatever but it is still a lot of fun to do.

Once we have a week’s worth of info we make temperature graphs and precipitation (there’s that fancy word again) graphs.  The whole family gets into it and learns a lot.  This can easily be tied in with the different seasons as well.

All for His glory,



One response to “Homeschool Tip- Weather

  1. That’s a great idea. We do something similar here. I’m a little weather obsessed. I’m always checking and we talk about the weather all the time. We chart the weather and the seasons. We always celebrate the first day of any season (nothing big). I’m a seasonal decorator as well, I switch out my decorations on my front porch and around my house based on the season. So, my girls really get into weather and the seasons changing. Fun, fun, fun!

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