10 people I am blessed to know

10 people that I am blessed to know and bless me by being there for me.

1.  Jesus- duh!  No greater blessing than someone who puts His life down to clean my name and make me perfect in God’s eyes!!

2.  My children.  6 beautiful blessings.  There is never a dull moment around here.

3.  My hubby, Mr. Muscles.  He is so much more than my husband he is also my best friend.  How cool is it that we do everything together?

4. Mom- supports me no matter what.

5. Laura- she is always a breath of fresh air and a person I can call whenever I need to.  She listens and she never judges.

6.  Trudy- My best friend from high school.  Even though our lives have taken completely different paths we still share so much.

7.  Julie H.  – I don’t think there is another woman on this planet with more patience!

8.  Dad- he gave me my love of gardening, fishing, hunting and the outdoors.

9.  Neil- my 2nd dad who never let me down.

10.  Sus- my 2nd mom who not only puts up with my dad but loves me and my children as if we were blood.  There are no step people in our family!!!

 If you read this consider yourself tagged!  🙂

All for His glory, ~Rhen


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