Square Foot Challenge

     A little while back a good friend, Rashel, issued a challenge to help declutter homes across the world.  Many people answered that challenge including myself and my house is better off for it.  Here is the challenge from Rashel’s Blog:

“I found this terrific idea of a new, less intimidating way to declutter and clean!  The article quotes Elizabeth George and gives her credit for what she calls “the one foot method”. What she does is she tackles one drawer, one shelf or one foot of space each day.  We can do this!! With this small of a space, you can do this while waiting on your email to load, while waiting on the tea to brew or while talking on the phone.  The article also talks about your “elephant”, your worst space in your home.  Which space do you avoid at all costs?  Which is the last place in your home you want to clean? “

     ~Ok, the square foot method has been fantastic for me.  It doesn’t require too much time and I can do more if I choose.  Even when I am busy or very tired one square foot is no big deal to do but makes a huge difference.  Are you ready to accept the challenge? 🙂

~All for His glory, Rhen


One response to “Square Foot Challenge

  1. I love this idea! I should give it a try. My house could really use it!

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