Just another Manic Monday (whoa-oh-whoa)

Yep.  Monday.  A busy day.  (insert big yawn here)  We had a birthday party at the park this morning for a friend of Ms. Banana’s.  She turned 5 and invited the regulars from the park to join her and her mommy for cake.  Only about 10 minutes of fun before a storm decided to blow in.  From the we headed to the library.  A couple of the kids had books they requested that were in so we had to pick them up.  After that was the dentist.  Short Man accidentally knocked off one of his bands and they snuck him in and replaced it quickly.  I was hoping they would instead of having us make an appt.   He is doing really well with the braces- other than tripping, bashing his face against the couch and popping that band off.  

Then to Ingles to pick up milk.  They only had two when we were grocery shopping so I had to buy a couple more.  And bagels too.  They were out of them so I haven’t had breakfast in over a week.  I did make it to the gas station with my van dinging at me, a light blinking, me praying and the van sucking fumes.  Isn’t that always fun.  😉 Not!  LOL  Not a big deal though.  I knew God had us!  A quick stop to pick up crumble, scratch and bedding at the feed store and we made it home in time to do school work.  Tomorrow we will introduce the chicks (they are teenagers now) to the chicken house and run.  Sigh- they grow so fast.  LOL 🙂

While in the middle of schoolwork our realtor called and wanted to show the house.  Sure!!  They came, they loved, we’ll see.   I am not holding my breath but you never know what God is going to do.  God knows I like surprises and He often obliges me.  Although it is not always as funny at that time as it is looking back.  20/20 vision also seems to bring a sense of humor!

Homemade chicken pot pie for dinner (mmmmm) , a couple loads of laundry (3) and some blogging top me off for today.  The kids and Mr. Muscles are in bed so I have a little quiet time to blog and read before I crash for the night. 

All for His glory, ~Rhen


2 responses to “Just another Manic Monday (whoa-oh-whoa)

  1. Your online name for your husband is Mr. Muscles? Oh you ARE a GOOD wife! I’m off to read more….

  2. Are you guys moving? We moved last year and it was hard having the house ready to show with only homeschooling 2 kids, I’m sure it’s a challenge with 6! Prayfully it will sell fast!!!!

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