A really fun project.

A homeschooler named Proverbs posted this gem of an idea over at her homeschool blog (Click here to see her how-to pictures).  It is the coolest tie dye and younger children can do it (with supervision of course)


Something made of white material

Permanent markers of different colors

An eyedropper


Disposable cup or bowl (a smaller cup seems to work the best but larger ones create larger circles)

Rubber band to fit over cup or bowl


Be sure to cover work surface to protect from the alcohol.

Place fabric over the top of cup or bowl and secure with a rubber band. (This is our makeshift hoop) 

With a permanent marker make little dots or small lines within the middle of the “hoop”

(don’t put to many marks because they will spread and bleed into each other)

Using an eyedropper, drop a few drops of alcohol into the center of your marks.  You don’t need to drench the fabric.  A few drops will give you good results.

You will see the colors begin to run and mix together creating a kaleidoscope design.

Wait a few minutes for all the bleeding to run to the edges, then remove the rubber band, find a new spot and do it all over again to your heart’s content. 

When the project has completely dried, before washing it, throw it in the dryer for about half an hour to set the colors.  (Wash separately just in case. Colorfastness depends on the fabric and I’m not sure which is which.)


This is definitely a project we are going to do.  Easy, cheap, fun and a chance for them to be very creative!  When we get our project done I will post pictures.  Have fun!

All for His glory, ~Rhen


2 responses to “A really fun project.

  1. That’s cool! Gonna have to try it!

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